4390 Listens to Everyone

20 Apr 4390 Listens to Everyone

The recently launched “4390 listens to everyone” provides training, an app and SMS to make taxi services for Deaf customers easier to use.

From now on, travelling by taxi will be easier and safer for Deaf customers. “The 4390 Listens to Everyone” initiative has recently been launched, set up by the agreement between 4390 Taxi Firenze cooperative of taxi drivers and the Italian National Agency for the Deaf (ENS Firenze). The goal is to train taxi drivers to recognise the simple yet particular needs of Deaf users, and through a training video promote the dedicated app and alternative telephone means to access the taxi service.

In the coming weeks, 4390 taxi drivers will take part in an eight-day training programme in which ENS representatives will teach them the appropriate measures required to ensure that Deaf customers can enjoy an easy and self-sufficient taxi experience. The agreement between 4390 and ENS will provide for the distribution of a sub-titled and Italian sign language training video to inform users of the tools available to call a taxi. The app “Taxi Sordi” (Taxi for the Deaf), developed by the Italian Radiotaxi Union (of which 4390 is a founding member) is already active in Florence and a further 50 cities throughout Italy, thanks to the vision of national chairman Loreno Bittarelli. In the Tuscan capital the SMS service is also available which is open to all users, providing them with the option to specify their condition so that they can receive the most appropriate service to their individual needs: just send a message to number 333-8077555 and your taxi will arrive in a matter of minutes.

Useful link: ENS TAXI SORDI

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