Taxi Vip

20 Apr Taxi Vip

Can you call a radiotaxi without “draining” your mobile credit? Taxi Firenze 4390 has thought of you!
With the Taxi VIP service, you can count on a preferential channel without waiting:

• Phone call to a reserved number (always 4-digit) answered immediately

• VIP customer recognition by the operator

• Highest priority taxi search (your call will override all other pending calls and will be processed by the system before all others)

• Confirmation of the taxi code and distance with an SMS sent directly to your mobile phone.


To use the service, you only need to contact the address and hang up at a minimal phone charge. We have everything else covered.


Membership to the service is easy, free and instant: Simply give your permission (release) for us to store your mobile number, name and surname in our VIP LIST.


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