Taxi Assistance

20 Apr Taxi Assistance

When you’re leaving a show, a concert, event or at the end of a meeting, event, dinner or conference, finding a taxi can, at times, be difficult and complicated: lots of people all looking for a taxi at the same time and in the confusion the taxi that was supposed to pick you up is taken by someone else.

4390 Taxi Firenze offers Organisers, Agencies, Companies, Catering companies and also private individuals the option to use the TAXI ASSISTANCE service, which has been in operation at the exits of the Teatro Comunale and the Teatro Verdi in Florence for several years.


One of our agents, directly linked to the Operations Centre, shall arrange the Radiotaxi service. This service will ensure order and speed: Taxis will be methodically assigned and found with maximum priority.

For further information or to book your TAXI ASSISTANCE send an email to or contact the company directly (055.4377741).


Taxi Assistance: give your guests a first-class service!

The service is free for taxi flows equal or greater than 15 cars per hour.

If fewer than 15 calls are made the cost of the service will be €25 plus VAT