4390 will give you a boost

14 Apr 4390 will give you a boost

From now on passengers can charge their mobiles in all of the cooperative’s taxis.
With a view to a customer-oriented culture, an increasingly superior quality service and attention to the customer’s needs, you can rely on the fact that “4390 will give you a boost!”. As of this month, customers will be able to charge their mobile phones while travelling in all 4390 taxis. This is thanks to a multi-model charger that the taxi-driver will make available to customers.
All too often, in fact, drivers happen to pick up customers who ask if they can charge their mobile but don’t have the cable to do so. From now on 4390 taxis will be equipped with these charging docks. This is one way of endeavouring to meet the needs of those travelling by taxi and already pleased with the service.