4390 Official InViola Taxi

Travel by taxi and win prizes from Fiorentina


Florence, 29th September 2015
4390 Taxi Firenze is now the official inViola taxi, the ACF Fiorentina network that has ties to the major commercial activities in the area.
So, by travelling in 4390 taxis you can earn points for your InViola card. This is the result of the agreement signed between the Cooperative of Taxi Drivers in Florence and ACF Fiorentina.

The Inviola Circuit is a network of businesses affiliated with ACF Fiorentina offering a host of dedicated benefits through the InViola Card.

Prizes and the chance to participate in special initiatives such as contests and instant wins.
From the 6th October, customers can earn points for every taxi journey made which can be turned into prizes and exclusive benefits for Fiorentina.
Participants can win gadgets from the purple team and also stadium tickets, meet and greet at the sports centre with your favourite player, signed footballs, the official Fiorentina shirt, or a weekend at the first team’s summer retreat.

“We are proud that the city’s favourite team and main brand has chosen us for their transport needs” states 4390 Chairman, Claudio Giudici.
Sito Ufficiale inVIola (link)


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