Taxi at your doorstep

18 Apr Taxi at your doorstep

Is there still such a thing as a knight in shining armour? At 4390 we have women-friendly taxis!
If you thought chivalry was dead, then you are mistaken! 4390 Taxi Firenze, the most well-known and loved taxi company among tourists and Florentine locals, knows this well.
Known as “Davanti casa” (Taxi at your doorstep), it is the new initiative launched by 4390 Taxi Firenze in which taxi drivers act as a woman’s best friend.
This campaign promotes the safety and protection of the fairer sex. In practice, the taxi driver will wait for the customer to enter her house or place of destination when dropping her off.
Many women experience worry and anxiety when they go out alone for the evening in town. Safety is a sensitive issue for many Italian women who fear having to walk the distance alone to get home or to their destination, especially in the evening. Walking through the city streets without fear or worry is a right, as well as a commitment for the institutions.
This is exactly why 4390 Taxi Firenze has identified the needs of women and has promoted this particular initiative dedicated to women. The “Davanti casa” (Door-step) service has succeeded in improving the quality of life and in making our city a better place for everyone.
This is the way in which 4390 has contributed to giving the women of Florence their freedom.